Friday, September 30, 2011

NZ Fashion Week Part 3!

Friday of NZ Fashion Week was very exciting! Amazing collection of shows and the NZ Next Top Model Finale in the WORLD show, Kathryn Wilson's incredible parade and finishing off with a lovely little Kimbra concert. Wonderful way to end Fashion Week. I also attended a bit of Fashion Weekend, is a fun little event for the public, which I shall show you some photographs from later on.

The amazing brand-spanking-new Viaduct Events Centre Fashion Week was held in.

Miro Moda:
Doesn't this boy's face just look like a doll?

Christchurch Charity Show:
Michaela from last cycle of NZNTM.

Merino Group Show:
Macaroons- yum!!
Love the bright colours in this show!
Amazing hair!

Lara from last cycle of NZNTM.
Finalist: Bianca
Finalist: Rosanagh
Finalist: Brigette
Peeping through the TV cameras!
Winner of NZNTM 2011- Congrats Brigette!

Kathryn Wilson:
Danielle- Winner of last season NZNTM.
Incredible gold runway!


Was a wonderful experience been a part of Fashion Week this year. Love the excitement, rush and beautiful people and clothes. Can't wait til next year!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Auckland Photographer Assistant- Lucy Rice

The other day I assisted on a beautiful fashion shoot with the lovely photographer Lucy Rice. There were some gorgeous outfits from mother and daughter duo Vintage Rose, they sell a lot online so you should definitely check them out! The shoot was out at Bethells Beach, and typical New Zealand weather delivered rain/hail/sun throughout the day, but we managed to chase the sunlight and Lucy took some gorgeous photographs which you can see here. These are just a few quick behind the scenes snaps I took.

P.S. More NZ Fashion Week splendor to come, I know there is plenty to see with the big four NY, London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks happening and upcoming all over the blogs but I have a tad more NZFW I think you'll love! See you soon :)


Monday, September 19, 2011

NZ Fashion Week Part 2

Thursday of Fashion Week was a very exciting day with lots of stunning shows. A favourite of mine was the MisteR parade titled "Not So Grimm", Based on “The Brothers Grimm” Stories like Rapunzel, Pinocchio and Goldilocks, this show was a collaboration of those childhood stories. Their collection was colourful and quirky, with spots, stripes, plaid and gingerbread-men, very fun! Also highlights were the Zambesi and Huffer parades, which were very popular, and packed out! Loved seeing a wide range of designs over the day, including the amazingly talented newbies at the New Generation show. Take a look for yourself:

New Generation Group Show:
How amazing is her hair?!!! I'm so jealous!


Sable & Minx:



More amazing long hair!!
Nicole from Gary Pepper Vintage!!
Huffer had a little party on the runway as the finale to their show! Just brill :)