Monday, July 25, 2011

Fine Print

For my elective this semester I chose to do: Fine Photographic Print (Digital). So I had to produce a series of work, print the photographs properly myself and present them professionally. I love details, macro work and using objects to tell a story in Photography. I photographed a bunch of beautiful things. The original idea stemmed from looking through a pile of old letters my Mum kept from my Dad that he sent to her before they were married when he was overseas. So I wanted to capture ideas of love, travel, memories and keepsakes. I love the kind of soft, peaceful look of the final results. Here are a couple of images from my book.

Fine Print 1

Fine Print 2

Fine Print 3

Fine Print 4

Fine Print 5

Fine Print 6

Fine Print 7

Fine Print 8

Fine Print 9

Fine Print 10

Fine Print 11

Fine Print 12

Fine Print 13

This is the book I made to present my photographs in. Ooooh!
The Book I made for my Fine Print project

Monday, July 18, 2011

Au Naturel

Well, the first half of 2011 has been one of new opportunities, experiences, being busy, working hard, building relationships and continuing to shape the course of my career.
As far as University goes, I tried to push myself this semester, not just to get better grades, but to create work I am proud of and that reflects me!
Thank-you to everyone who helped me achieve this, especially my gorgeous models for been so patient with me- Kaitlin, Brigid, Esther, Sophie and Suzi. We had lots of fun and you're all just wonderful!
These are the final photographs I submitted for my natural lighting brief. I will show you some more photos from the separate shoots over the next few weeks! I also have lots more stored up to show you, since I've had a huge break between posts... Lots to look forward to!