Thursday, October 27, 2011

Feeling Inspired


Being so busy with work, uni, friends, family and life it is often easy to lose focus of why you do what you do. We all have creative blocks, get stressed, fed up with what we're doing and the odd meltdown too! Being at art school your mind gets a little messed up sometimes with all the analysing, researching, critiquing and communicating. I photograph because it makes me happy and I like to create images that I am proud of and that other people enjoy. As a photographer you are able to show people your unique view of the world. Inspiration comes from everywhere! Today I was inspired by a talk Chris Sisarich gave at Uni, showing us some of his incredible work and giving a lot of valuable advice and encouragement.  Who/What inspires you?

P.S. Still buzzing that the All Blacks won the Rugby World Cup! So proud to be a kiwi :)

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